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The Ocean Bird: Sweden’s 200-Meter Wind Powered Cargo Ship

wind powered cargo ship

The Ocean Bird: Sweden’s 200-Meter Wind Powered Cargo Ship

wind powered cargo ship

The future of sea freight transportation might just be in the wind. A Swedish company has developed a new wind powered cargo ship that uses wind power to generate energy, including electricity and heat, while on the water. They estimate that it can cut costs by up to 90%! Keep reading to find out more…

A 200-meter cargo ship powered by wind

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Sweden has developed a 200-meter cargo ship, which is powered by wind. The ship, which is currently under construction, is expected to take sea shipping to another level. It’s designed to be environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. It is also designed to be resilient in adverse weather conditions.

This cargo ship called “Ocean Bird” is set to take sea shipping to another level. It’s being designed by Swedish company Wallenius Marine AB and is possibly the world’s first cargo ship to be powered by wind. The ship is also comes equipped with state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems that make it easy to navigate. It’s also expected to save the shipping industry millions of dollars a year in fuel costs.

Wind-powered cargo ships may be the future

wind powered cargo ship

The Swedish company has developed a wind powered cargo ship that is set to take sea shipping to another level. The ship is called the “Ocean Bird”, this ship is said to carry 7000 cars In one go.

Remember when ships used to have sails? Our modern day ships got too large and too heavy to use them anymore. But this Swedish innovation has returned to the roots of sailing, using new technology that makes it possible to use sails once more!

The ship’s sails are made from high-performance Polyester fabric that can be easily repaired in case of a storm. The sails are also designed to withstand high winds and waves. The wind powered cargo ship has revolutionary designs to encounter all of the problems that a ship might face while transporting the goods.

This new wind powered cargo ship is going to take sea shipping to another level. This ship is made entirely out of wind turbines, which power its movement to carry a full load across the waves over long distances. The ship is self-sufficient and produced and does not need refueling, unlike diesel-powered cargo ships.

This wind powered cargo ship has the potential to revolutionize sea shipping. Not only is it much more environmentally friendly than traditional ships, but it also has the potential to be much faster. This new venture is said to reduce the carbon emission caused by a ship’s lifetime by 90%.

If this technology advances further, it could eventually replace traditional ships altogether. In the future, nothing may be too big or too small for this type of ship – even small packages could be transported using wind power.

How regular cargo ships are powered

Cargo ship

Regular cargo ships are powered by diesel engines. These engines generate a lot of pollution and are very inefficient. Instead of relying on these, this new Swedish vessel will be powered by the wind. This revolutionary technology will reduce pollution and fuel costs while increasing efficiency.

The “Ocean Bird” will also have a huge impact on sea shipping. Currently, regular cargo ships are very expensive to operate – often using vast amounts of fuel. This wind powered cargo ship will make shipping much more affordable, which is great news for consumers as well as companies. Saving the environment, reducing the global carbon footprint, and making your long-distance shipping all the more cheaper!

How will it affect the carbon footprint?

This ship is designed to reduce the global carbon footprint by using less fuel and reducing emissions. By setting this specific foot in the right direction toward renewable energy, many similar projects have surfaced such as the rapid increase in electric cars. The utilization of renewable energy in powering the cargo ship is going to take the usage of green energy to another step.

The research conducted on the world’s carbon emissions states that 2.9% of the world’s carbon emissions stem from cargo ship transportation. Although this number might not look huge on paper it contributes a lot when it comes to greenhouse effects. The ship also immensely decreases the running costs due to being completely self-sufficient and does not need any fossil fuel support to run.


The “Ocean Bird” project is being funded by private investors, with the goal of creating a new industry and eventually reducing emissions from shipping. The ship is equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows it to harness the power of the wind. This innovative technology will revolutionize maritime transportation and help reduce emissions from shipping.

The ship can travel at a speed of up to 20 knots using its two turbines that are situated on the aft deck. The vessel is also fitted with solar panels and a battery storage system that allows it to operate autonomously for up to eight days without needing any input from human beings – brilliant, isn’t it? This innovative ship could herald a new era for ocean transportation, making cargo shipments faster and more efficient than ever before

Swedish vessel

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