Frequently Asked Questions

That’s a simple question. Four Earths is a conception formed to make rapid advances in the field of green energy. At our current stage, we are only a website that aims at providing valuable information completely free of charge. However, we are actively working towards growing far beyond just that.

We do not have an enormous team operating on our website. Four Earths is owned by two friends that got together as renewable energy enthausiasts: Jason Malshan and Daniyal Butt. We author every blog that has been published on our website thus far.

We do not own a majority of the images you find on our blogs. Some of the images are from iStock, whereas others are from similar websites that offer either copyrighted or copyright free images. We do not possess the right to distribute or pass on any of the images as our own.

We try our best to provide only factual content. However, we do not claim responsibility for any of the information published on our website. Kindly read our disclaimer before acting based on the information you obtain from our website or blogs.

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