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The First Offshore Wind Farm In Hong Kong

Offshore wing farm

The First Offshore Wind Farm In Hong Kong

First Offshore Windfarm In Hong Kong

The offshore wind farm popularity is rapidly growing and has the potential to be one of the most viable renewable energy systems in the world. As such, Hong Kong has also joined the cause and started investing in sustainable wind energy. The new offshore wind farm in Hong Kong will be located on the shoreline in the southwest Lamma island, which is anticipated that a long-term decarburization strategy and achieve carbon neutrality.

Why is an offshore wind farm in Hong Kong being implemented?

Certain countries have taken the initiative to prefer building a offshore wind farm instead of onshore projects, with China and the United Kingdom leading the way. Hong Kong is an ideal location for an offshore wind farm because of its strong wind resources and its proximity to major Asian markets. Moreover, Hong Kong has access to the ocean, which puts the country in a perfect position to make use of wind energy.

The area that is going to be used to supplement the program is only 4km from the power station with an average wind speed of 7.1 m/s. HK Electric obtained a permit for wind energy back in 2010. The project will consist of between 13 and 19 turbines with an individual capacity of between 8 and 12 MW each. This project signals a major trend in Hong Kong’s renewable energy sector: increased investment in clean energy technologies. This increase is due, in part, to government policies that are encouraging innovation and sustainable development.

Hong Kong has always been a leader when it comes to innovation and technology, so it makes perfect sense that they would implement offshore wind as their next major clean energy trend. Offshore wind offers many benefits.

How big is the resource?

The resource has such a huge potential that they have revealed the plans of the project being capable of producing 150 MW by 2025. This shows the immensity of this project which can contribute a vast amount of power to the public while saving the environment in the process.

Wind energy is not limited and cannot be contained or used up. It will always be available to the resource is not going to run out, and HK Electric has gotten approved by the government to implement more powerful generators. These generators offer a lot more energy efficiency, and the wind farm project includes a five-year development plan (2024-2028).

The offshore wind resource in Hong Kong is significant, as it has the potential to provide significant amounts of renewable energy to an island territory with a high population density. In addition, the development of wind resources could create new jobs in renewable energy technology and installation.

Offshore turbines

Are the offshore wind farm projects too ambitious?

The answer to this question can be determined by the running record of the country’s stature, and the companies running record. HK Electric is a major player in terms of providing energy resources for large-scale projects. These claims about the amount of MW this offshore wind farm in Hong Kong situated in Lamma is going to produce is dreamy but not impossible, China is a leading country in innovation, and technology, and has a major impact on the production of renewable energy, but this does not seem too ambitious.

Talking about the Lamma project of offshore wind farms, HK Electric is a major company that has a record that stands firmly in its corner. This company has achieved 99.999% reliability since 1997, this adds more solid support to the idea that it has presented to the public.

Future of renewable energy in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well on its way to becoming one of the most solar-powered cities in the world. With generous subsidies and a stable political environment, solar energy is booming in the former British colony. Hong Kong’s top priority for renewable energy are undoubtedly offshore wind farms, as it has the potential to provide much-needed clean energy while also reducing reliance on imported fuels.

The offshore wind farm in Hong Kong will have a capacity of 150 megawatts and will be located about 14 kilometers off the coast of Hong Kong. The project is being developed by HK Electric, which has been involved in many other large renewable energy projects around the world. This company has rescued Hong Kong by securing the environmental permit for its new project.

Hong Kong city

Ongoing projects in and around Hong Kong

The offshore wind industry is booming in Hong Kong with new projects being announced every few months. Below is a roundup of some of the latest projects.

  1. Lamma Island Wind Farm: In 2027, this farm is looking forward to providing 150-megawatt. The farm is located about 16 kilometers off the coast of Hong Kong and has the capacity to generate enough electricity to supply around 100,000 homes.
  2. Hong Kong University of science has announced large-scale solar that is said to generate 3 million units of electricity per year. They will install 8000 solar panels in over 50 locations on the campus.


The growing global warming and population have led to the deterioration of our environment, therefore, big countries are innovating and leading the country in the right direction. In other words, this day and age have led us to repair the environment by going green, China has taken major steps towards building a green and sustainable environment by being a leader in this department. Going green is the way to go and offshore wind farms are the way to go because offshore wind farm does not take up any extra space and are not harmful to the environment.

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